Industrial Services

Townsville is home to many different industries, including childcare, health, education, construction, mining, manufacturing and utilities, all requiring specialised security requirements. Additionally, the increase in the scale of an industry comes with an increase in the size of the risk of loss, including loss of life, or sensitive data.  The team at Jim Roberts Locksmiths have the knowledge, expertise, and credentials to ensure standards and protocols are followed and jobs completed efficiently and professionally.


Our professional 24/7 mobile Townsville locksmiths are ready for any locksmith emergency.  This means that no matter the weather or occasion, we’re here to help you with anything related to locks, keys and safes.

Automotive Lock Re-keying

After a theft of keys or change of ownership, it is a good idea to get the locks changed on your vehicle, truck or forklift.  At Jim Roberts Locksmiths, we can completely rekey your vehicle – the ignition, the doors, the glove box, the fuel cap and the boot or the canopy.  We can ensure that the old keys do not work and provide unauthorised access to your vehicle.

Lock Re-keying

Whether you’ve just bought new premises or the wrong person has a key to your current one, it’s a good idea to get new keys and control access to your industrial premises.  Our qualified locksmiths can rekey the locks so that any old keys just won’t work.  If extra security and access control is a concern, you can also talk to our technicians about a restricted key or electronic access control system.

Lock Installation and Service

From your standard keyed entrance and security doors to electronic locks, biometric locks, and keypads, to a stiff key in a padlock or canopy, our qualified locksmiths can install and service a wide range of locks for a wide range of purposes.

Fire Door Lock Replacement and Service

The efficiency of your fire doors can mean the difference between life or death in an emergency.  Our team at Jim Roberts Locksmiths can replace and service the locks on your fire doors so that they are in good working order and compliant with state regulations.

Door Morticing

Having your doors prepared properly for lock installation can save you time and money.  Our professionally trained team have special tools and machinery to ensure that your doors are prepared quickly and accurately.  If your doors aren’t suitable for morticing, then our team can assess and advise you on alternative arrangements.

Isolation Locking Systems

Our experienced team can provide you with quality, efficient locking systems that are easily identified and tracked, saving you time, money and the lives of your subcontractors and employees.


An electronic Access Control system is managed from a central computer, the system recording and controlling entrances and exits through the use of cards or fobs.  These systems are able to customise individual access so that restricted areas are off limits to unauthorised personnel. Time limits may even be set so that access to rooms or buildings are only allowed within certain hours or days.  In cases of emergencies, it may even be possible to completely lock down all doors in the system with a mouse click.

Staff no longer employed by you are merely wiped from a list on a computer, with no worrying about returned or missing keys.

Key Cutting & Duplication

At Jim Roberts Locksmiths, we cut keys either onsite at our Pilkington Street workshop, or in one of our stocked mobile vans.   We can duplicate keys for a wide range of purposes – for example, keys for vehicles, entrances, mailboxes, filing cabinets, safes, desks, money boxes and padlocks.  We can copy keys directly from a sample or from a code and from a lock depending on the lockset.

Master Key Systems

A Jim Roberts Locksmiths restricted, or Master, key system gives you peace of mind that you know who has a key to your business and that they cannot make a copy without authorisation.

Our restricted keys are made on a special blank that is only provided by the factory to authorised locksmiths.

A Master system can also stop unauthorized personnel from entering restricted areas, such as server and stationary rooms.  The system can extend to doors, padlocks, garage locks, roller doors, lockers and even T-Handles for toolboxes and truck canopies.

Jim Roberts Locksmiths are recognized as one of a few Assa Abloy service centres in North Queensland.  This means we can provide specialised commercial master systems such as those used in schools, mine sites, government departments and hospitals.

Key Safe Installation and Service

Key Safes are one of the most secure ways to allow someone access to your property when you are absent, such as for service providers or subcontractors.  We can install these safes to external walls and surfaces.

Safe Installation

Your investment in a safe can be quite large – and it is an important purchase.  Safes protect your valuables, documents and data from theft, vandalism and fire.  Having your safe installed by one of our experienced locksmith can insure that your safe is installed correctly and securely with the correct fastenings and fittings.

Safe Opening and Servicing

With years of training and experience, our technicians install, open and service safes all over North Queensland, for industries such as schools, banks, governments and hotels.  From changing combinations to changing batteries in electronic locks, it is important for the integrity of your safe that everything is functioning properly.  As a SECO recognized service, Jim Roberts Locksmiths can be trusted to be effective and discreet in the opening and servicing your safe.

Safe Removal

Jim Roberts Locksmiths has experienced staff and the equipment to remove your safe professionally without damage to your safe or to your premises.  We can move safes from one building to another to just one room to another.  You have peace of mind knowing that your safe and its contents are being moved and secured correctly.   As a SECO recognized service, Jim Roberts Locksmiths will be effective and discreet in the removal of your safe.

Architectural Furniture

The speed and strength of your door closer can be a key part of your security and fire door management.  A slow closer may let in unwanted visitors, while a closer that slams shut can be unsettling for customers and can be sometimes dangerous.  Jim Roberts Locksmiths install door closers from quality manufacturers and adjust them to suit the latching speed for your requirements.

Hinge Replacement and Service

The integrity, flexibility and frictionless operation of your door hinges affect the movement and therefore the security of the door.  The efficient team at Jim Roberts Locksmiths stay current with technology and legislation to ensure that you have the right hinge for the weight and type of door, and can service existing hinges to ensure they work smoothly.

Door Strike Shields and Door Wrap Installation

For outward opening doors, the team at Jim Roberts Locksmiths can professionally install strike shields and door wraps to help prevent doors being “jimmied” or unlatched with an implement.

Strike Adjustment

Over time, the impact of closing the door can make the strike shift to the point where the door is unable to be secured.  Jim Roberts Locksmiths are able to adjust strikes for commercial doors and security screens ensuring the property and premises can be locked up.

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